FirstFirst Mark grew up on the East Coast, in Rockport Massachusetts. This small town is historically known as an artist colony, and he grew up in a community saturated in artists of all types, painters, dancers, musicians, sculptors, movie producers, etc. Raised in this rich environment, he learned to appreciate art, and its value and power in our lives. Creativity, and self-expression was a part of his life as a child, and it continues to this day.

Mark has been fortunate to spend his personal and professional years between Massachusetts and California over the subsequent years. This opportunity has afforded him the best of both worlds. He is grateful to be able to spend this time between the mountains and the sea. And his training as an Educational Psychologist has given him a unique view of people, places and the world. This experience has shown him the skills to stop, listen, and see. Skills that directly inform his work as a photographer.

Mark’s background and experience has formed an ability to see images that are hidden _MTA9284_MTA9284Copyright Mark T Atkinson
right in front of us. He enjoys creating images that are personal, intentionally crafted, and offer a unique perspective of the rural scenes where he lives. Further, Mark has a particular love of clouds, fog, and seasonal scenes in both mountain and coastal life. He enjoys crafting images in digital, film, and alternative mediums.


Member of:

Rocky Neck Art Colony - Gloucester, MA
Newburyport Art Association - Newburyport, MA
Plumas County Arts Commission - Quincy, CA